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Xoloitzcuintli, more popularly known as “Mexican Hairless” is a breed of who is aloof toward strangers, but attentive toward his family. They usually choose one person as their favourite, but are not stingy on affection toward other family members. The xolo is a family-oriented dog and are especially good with children, if they are brought up together. Xolos are loving watchdogs and vigilant companions.


Xolos are considered a national treasure in Mexico and have a history that goes back at least 3000 years. They are mentioned in the diaries of Columbus and other European explorers. The Ancient Aztec people named the dog after their dog-headed God Xolotl. This breed was considered sacred by the Aztec and were sacrificed and buried alongside their owners, in order to guide them in the afterlife.




Xolos come in three sizes: Toy (10-14 inches), Miniature (14-18 inches) and Standard (18-23 inches) and can be of the coated or the hairless variety. Both varieties come in darker colours such as gray, black,

slate, red, liver and bronze. Their bodies are strong and rugged despite its elegant appearance.




Xoloitzcuintli are a weary breed and do not warm up to strangers easily. They make for excellent watchdogs and are not nuisance barkers, so if they are making noise it is good to see what is bothering them. They are smart and playful dogs and as puppies they have a lot of energy. Xolos need a consistent training regimen and defined boundaries. Early socialisation and training as a puppy are integral to ensure that the dog grows into a well-mannered and calm companion.


Exercise and diet


Xoloitzcuintles like upbeat play and long walks, but they are tranquil around the house. They need substantial exercise when they are young to keep them healthy and happy. The dog should do well on high-quality dog food with your veterinarians approval. Any diet should be age-appropriate and well-balanced, in order to prevent obesity and other health-related issues. Treats are an important aspect of dog training, but should be given in moderation. Fresh, clean water should be available at all times.




The coated Xoloitzcuintli has an easy care short coat that requires occasional brushing. Keep their nails clipped and teeth clean while paying special attention to their skin, the hairless variety may be afflicted with acne as a puppy and will need sunscreen, in order to protect their sensitive skin from the sun.

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