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We present to you the Xoloitzcuintle, the "Hairless dog", an emblem of Mexico that is considered one of the oldest breeds of canines,that are 3500 years old.


"They look like a hairless rat." Those who never saw a bald dog usually react that way. But the beauty of this race of these animals lies in something much deeper, its antiquity and mystique.

Xoloitzcuintle His name contains a part of his magic, comes from Nahuatl: Xolotl means god of sunset or death, while itzcuintli is a dog. Best known in Mexico, his country of origin as a bald dog. There are dark and clear, with or without hair.


The Mexica believed that the creator gods had placed this being on earth to guide the souls of the dead through the underworld, the dangerous Mictlan. That is why many times these pets were buried next to their owners, or ceramic xolos were offered in the tombs.

"It is the most emblematic dog in Mexico, they are magical, there is a type that is a red color, these are considered guides of spirits, not blacks, because the lightest gods can see them at night" Xolos Ramirez

"There is no more affectionate race, they are very attached to the human being, but they are also distrustful, they do not trust strangers"

Xolo Dog Kennel in Mexico City

Criadero de Perros Xoloitzcuintle en México

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