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To the owners of a xoloitzcuintle has happened to them that another anecdote around the behavior of its mascot, as much of the good ones, as those that we can qualify as "bad". Highlighting, of course, the positive ones and those that brighten the day.


Within these we have everything like in the pharmacy. There are those that show the hunting spirit of the xolo chasing birds, rats, lizards and small animals with which it meets; others that speak of protection to the members of the family, of fidelity and affection to their owner; without neglecting those who give an account of their great appetite and the taste with which they ingest a whole range of food ... Of their almost childlike curiosity.


Of the anecdotes stand out those that speak of the rejection by its rarity or the surprise of the people when running into a live xoloitzcuintle, face to face, and not being able to know how to classify it or even have the certainty of what it is, whether to touch it or not to touch it ...


We also have the ones that make us bother with them. When they happen, you only have to see the face of circumstance that puts the little can alerted by the tone of voice, it seems that he is sorry for what he did and does not want to be the cause of the anger, all this alternated with a short and fast movement of tail, and ears porridge.


Among the negative events, in the case of males - of any race - is to mark their territory in the least indicated place (for us), which becomes an eternal clean and wash the site and affected objects. Just this type of event is what brings to mind a short story of what happened to the Mexican muralist Diego Rivera (1886-1957).

Xólotl, that xoloitzcuintle that was represented by Frida Kahlo in some of his paintings is the protagonist of it. According to Martha Zamora, this dog was the favorite of the Rivera, as it turns out - he continues, citing the critic and art historian, Raquel Tibol - that one fine day "he 'cast his water" on some watercolors of the teacher, who persecuted him to kill him with his machete. The dog made a pout of repentance and Rivera caressing him said: 'Lord Xolotl, emperor of Xibalba, Lord of Darkness, you are the best art critic' ".


From "art critic" of Rivera's work, to a good companion and loving xolo, we must conclude, because of everything he raises where he goes and what he does, like this Mexican dog, which has survived for centuries as a companion of the old and new Mexicans, there are not two.

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