Xolos Ramirez NFT project coming Soon.

Xolos, also known as mexican hairless dog, are a symbol of mexican heritage which goes beyond physical frontiers.


Xoloitzcuintle dogs have also a lot of History recorded since ancient american men first cross the Bering strait and have been told in books, paintings, ancient codes, and archeological remains.


The Xolos are also very related with ancient pagan religions as afterlife guides for the dead people. The Mictlán was the underworld of the ancient mexican and Xolotl was the Dog God.


What are Xolos Ramirez NFTs


Our NFT project consist in minting media files such as relevant photos and videos of our Xoloitzcuintle dogs in conjunction with their registry linked with the National Canofile Federation known as Geanologic Certificate.


Recording our Xoloitzcuintle dogs in a pemanent ledger in an NFT format will generate a new beginning in the way this milenarian dog race have told his story.


Also will make their own genetic information indelible for future use in their future breeding.


Which Blockchain we are gonna use


Xolos Ramirez look with good eyes cross technology being used with the Ethereum blockchain such as Polygon sidechain.


Opensea is THE MARKET in today NFT exciting world and Xolos Ramirez will use  it for the purpose of putting its NFTs for the public.


Where you can find more information about Xolos Ramirez NFT project


You can join our Discord, our Twitter

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