Xolos RMZ Token

Digital Asset of Xolos Ramirez in SmartBCH blockchain

Xolos RMZ Tokenomics

Xolos RMZ Total Supply: 14,950 $RMZ


Farm Investors Reward per day (Tangoswap): 5.489 $RMZ


#xolosArmy NFT Investors Reward per Tweet : 0.00031491 $RMZ


20% of every RMZ NFT #xolosArmy Sales go to buy (burn) $RMZ

(does not include resales)


Set Inflation per minute: 0.04583 $RMZ





Xolos Ramirez NFTs

Xolos Ramirez NFT in Oasis (Asset represent a real life Xoloitzcuintle adoption, also in the future will enable staking and voting power)

xolosArmy NFT Collection

Xolos RMZ is converting all its media content into NFTs!


Every person who owns a xolosArmy NFT, share it in Twitter as profile picture and tweet using #xolosArmy hashtag is Rewarded with 0.00031491 $RMZ per tweet.

XolosArmy Edition

Xolos RMZ Community