This is how Dante, the cute dog from Coco movie was created | Xolos Ramirez

Dante is a xolo dog so faithful that he does not doubt a second in accompanying Miguel to the world of the dead. For some it might be strange, because he has no hair and some teeth are missing, but his personality falls in love with anyone who sees Coco, the new Pixar movie.


And if this character is so endearing it is because the similarity he has with any xolo dog of his breed in real life.


“During the making of the movie, we brought many dogs to have a reference of them. So we could take a look so that his personality and texture were correct. We recorded the sound of many xolo dogs to have different expressions for Dante; although he is an animal, he has many emotions such as sadness, joy, so it was a very funny aspect, ”said in an interview Adrian Molina, co-director of Coco.


Not only were the physical aspects of the dog examined and portrayed on the tape, it also takes a look at the leyanda that links this breed with Mictlán, the underworld of Mexican culture.


“Something funny about Dante is that it shows the legend that the xolos accompany the spirits to the land of the dead. We portray this in history. He is one of my favorite characters. It's a good dog, ”he said during the promotion of the film at the XV Morelia International Film Festival.


To get an idea of how fun the creation of Dante was, just look at how the crew and xolo dogs had fun in Pixar studios.


“They took that xolo to the studio so we could interact with him. That particular xolo is called Fynn. We had already finished the movie. While we were working on the film, we were falling in love with the beauty of these dogs, ”he recalled.

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