Signals of a backyard breeder or small dog carrier breeder

1. Puppies leave mother before 8 weeks of age.


 Puppies should not be weaned until eight weeks of age, not earlier. He is told, "Puppies are weaned so they can leave mom." Is not true. Puppies need coexistence with the mother and littermates for at least eight weeks. This allows them to fully develop their brain, thanks to breast milk, and to develop properly. After eight weeks, socialization begins, of which the paternal role forms an important part, they must socialize with the father to teach them limits and while the mother recovers from childbirth, the father will transmit the development of social problems and proper behavior within a pack or pack of dogs. Socialization after weaning should last at least a month. What results in the delivery of the puppy with a minimum of three months of age.From two weeks to fourteen weeks is the critical period of socialization of the puppy, where it will have to face socialization with other dogs and humans, which will form it for the future.Weaning and socialization are not the same, socialization with important stimuli begins after eight weeks of age.


2.You are not allowed to see the photos of both parents. This happens because many times they pay the male's cross or the female's mounting. Seeing the photographs of both parents also gives you an idea in what condition the crossbreds are, their quality or diseases they may have. You can check the size of the specimens and possibly the personality of the dogs through a video.



3. The breeder does not ask you questions


A responsible breeder is interested in where his puppies go, because they are like a part of themselves, work and hours invested. They will look for someone worthy of their puppies, the breeder will give you information about the breed and ask you to find out if that breed of dog is the right one for your needs and expectations. He will ask you questions about your knowledge of the breed, raising puppies and what your life is like at home.


4 The breeder crosses several breeds of dogs


Breed improvement is a complicated job that requires time, money focused on the breed, dedication, research and focus.


Choose different specimens that, when crossing, result in healthy puppies with the best characteristics of both.


5.Your breeder is not registered with a qualified registration organization

Given the ability to register the puppies,it doesn't occur. Owns a majority of unregistered dog.



6. It focuses on selling puppies and does not keep any puppies from the litter.


You have a pair of dogs that you breed constantly or you rent to breed, you are not interested in forming bloodlines with new registered puppies



7. Always have puppies available


Responsible breeders will create a list of potential people interested in the puppies and will only breed them when they have enough people interested in acquiring the litter's dogs.



8.Breed the dogs before their sexual maturation


 Dogs reach their sexual and physical maturation around fourteen months or the second heat, and in the case of the male at a year and a half.


9.No option to the existence of contract


If you are unable to take care of the dog, the dog must return to its breeder. Veterinary health examinations of parents to pair or paired.



10.He is not interested in keeping in touch


The breeder should provide you with lifelong assistance regarding the acquired puppy. The responsible breeder will love hearing stories about the puppy, how it is growing and your relationship with the dog.


11. Raise sick or troubled puppies that end up in dog shelters


The puppy develops illnesses or behavior problems and ends up in shelters or on the street, because people do not want to take care of a sick dog.


12. Lock your dogs in small cages where they have no mobility of movement. They often urinate and shit in the same place where they eat or sleep, leading to illness and infection. The dog's mental health is affected by the confined space and causes anxiety.

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