In the world, there are two varieties of Xoloitzcuintle: coated and hairless | Xolos Ramirez

The xoloitzcuintle:


- His intelligence, as well as his social temperament, faithful and affectionate, but also territorial and vigilant, makes him ideal as a guard dog and companion.


- The lack of fur and the early loss of their teeth are expressions of a semidominant genotype that occurs as a result of a genetic mutation in this breed. However, due to a recessive gene, specimens with hair may also appear.


- Xolotl, the pre-Hispanic god represented as a man with the head of a dog, represented the nocturnal face of Venus when accompanying the sun on its journey through the underworld. After sunset, the sun king died and struggled with his help to be reborn at dawn.

Criadero de perros mexicanos Xoloitzcuintles en México "Xolos Ramirez"

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